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"After Hours" Exhibit Showcases Court's Photographers

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Clerk of Court Douglas Palmer and Magistrate Judge Robert Levy discuss their photos from the "After Hours" exhibit.

A photography exhibit, at the U.S. federal courthouse in Brooklyn showcases the work of four artists who also are members of the Eastern District of New York court community. Appropriately titled, "After Hours," photos in the exhibit reflect the photographers’ interests outside of the court.

"The Court is pleased to showcase the extraordinary talents of our courthouse family. While we regularly think of them as "judge," "clerk" or "prosecutor," our colleagues are true artists whose passion for photography and keen insights into their subjects bring us the four beautiful essays on display in this exhibit," said Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon.

Works on display in the current exhibit are by:

Magistrate Judge Robert Levy, with photographs of metalworkers in Istanbul;

Clerk of Court Douglas Palmer, whose "One Year In Brooklyn" reflects the borough’s change of seasons;

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ed Newman, who has captured views of New York and New Orleans; and

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Ruth Nordenbrook, with photos captured on the subway and street.

The gallery where the photos will be on view until April, 2013 is named in honor of Judge Charles P. Sifton, chief judge of the district from 1995 to 2000. The exhibition area was created from unused space under a stairway as a way to celebrate local artists. The gallery has hosted a series of exhibits produced by nationally known artists as well as many from the Brooklyn community.

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